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The leading seed-stage ecosystem from Toronto to Waterloo.

EVP is an early-stage technology venture capital firm focused on pre-seed & seed startups in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor. With three funds under management, EVP has achieved superior investment returns while helping launch and grow more than 100 companies and over 3,000 well-paying technology jobs in Canada.

The Extreme network is unique because it goes beyond a typical venture fund. EVP has built a for-profit technology ecosystem to help grow and develop the next-generation of great Canadian companies. This ecosystem includes an innovation lab, accelerator, hackathon organizer, and crowdfunding platform all located in Toronto’s downtown core.

Global Perspective



EVP seeks out companies with creative intelligence with capital efficient models and large addressable market opportunities. Successful companies in our portfolio not only dominant the Canadian market, but expand globally to become multinational entities. We encourage all our founders to think big right from the beginning.

Expanding Our Ecosystem World Wide.

Extreme Accelerator

EVP has extended its ecosystem by launching Extreme Accelerator (EA): Canada’s first international accelerator. EA will strengthen Canada’s startup ecosystem by combining talent and capital from the Toronto – Waterloo corridor with the best international founders from around the world. Each year a batch of international founders will go through a fixed-period, cohort-based program where they will receive the mentoring and partnerships required to launch their businesses right here in Canada.

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Software Development & Incubation.

Extreme Innovations

EVP launched Extreme Innovations (EI) as a software development and innovation lab for the ecosystem. EI partners with industry professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to build companies from scratch. In the past year, EI has incubated startups in the areas of Fintech, Lead Generation, and Music Production. In addition, EI provides software development to existing companies, helping them build products to meet today’s digital-first consumers.  

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"I would recommend EVP for any entrepreneur without hesitation (and I have!). EVP were our first investors and supported our vision as we built the company through the twists and turns. EVP introduced us to the lead investors for our second round and helped us close the deal on favourable terms. At those times when we needed the help most, they were there for us."

Grant RitchieCo-founder, Locationary (Acquired by Apple)

"We involved EVP right from the beginning of our business. They joke about not knowing the business as much as making an investment in the quality of the management. And in our case we did end up with an early pivot in the business strategy for which EVP has been supportive every step of the way. I would recommend any new startup to work with like minded pro’s who are entrepreneur-friendly and do not micro manage unless called upon."

Chris SukornykCEO & Founder, Chango (Acquired by Rubicon Project)

"Having invested in the space for over four decades I have been very pleased by not only the returns from EVP but also it’s thoughtful positioning in the space…the partners have done a admirable job selecting those companies that embody the new trends in the technology field."

Frank MerschChairman and Vice-President, Front Street Capital

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