Build a Business With Us!

What we’re looking for:
1. Technology companies based in Canada. For international startups, please see
2. Pre-seed to seed stage companies. Our average cheque size is $300k CAD with round sizes varying between $250k and $1.5M CAD.
3. Focused on Mobile, Data & Analytics, or Internet of Things.
4. Capital efficient business models with large addressable market opportunities.
5. Committed and experienced team.
6. Owning intellectual property is a plus.

We recommend you include the following in your pitch deck:
1. Overview (Problem, solution, value proposition)
2. Business Opportunity (Market size, why now?)
3. Business Model (How are you making money and what’s it going to cost?)
4. Traction (Past growth, revenue, users)
5. Team (Founders, board, advisors, investors)
6. Competition (Who are the competitors, what’s unique about you)
7. Asks (How much you are raising, what are the terms)
8. Vision (If things work out, where do you see this business going?)

Please note that we are pursuing deals on a very selective basis. We are particularly interested in companies that have demonstrated traction with paying customers.